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The History of the Schnitzel Queen 

The Schnitzel Queen has been serving up tasty schnitzels (at its current location at Queen and Sherbourne) for over 25 years. Establishing its identity as purveyor of home cooked meals, in a take out style operation, Luba the business’ founder was among the first to introduce the schnitzel into the city’s general public. In 2001 Luba passed away and for many years the Schnitzel Queen sat empty until a German couple by the names of Bernard and Theresa took it over and brought it back up to steam. For 5 years they ran the business using their own unique recipes that they had accumulated from their previous years in the food industry. However, due to their age they agreed to retire and in the process of knowing me simultaneously decided that they would like to bestow the business and its legacy into my possession. Seeing the quirky nature for which i am most known for, both Bernard and Theresa believed that my wacky approach to the business would only compliment the growing success of the Schnitzel Queen. In the two years since i took over as owner i have changed nothing to re-brand the business as any thing more then a positive space for a cheap but tasty home cooked meals. Like Luba, Bernard and Thesea before me, the Schnitzel Queen lives on in tradition.

The Man Behind the Schnitz

Well for those who want to know, my name is Karl Hubsch. I am a 31 year old entrepreneur as well as husband to loving and supportive family. For many years i was a trained massage therapist running my own business on King street until the opportunity to jump into the food industry came with the ownership of the Schnitzel Queen. I gravitated towards making schnitzels, as opposed to other meals, because of its connection with my cultural background being that i am from Czech and German decent. Schnitzel was always a staple in my family. Remembering my earliest years as a child i always recalled enjoying the process of making and eating schnitzel on Sunday afternoons for family and friends to enjoy. By the time i was in high school i began to experiment and make my own and inviting my friends who were all to willing to indulge. It was during this era of "schnitzel flirting" that i mentioned that one day i would be serving schnitzel as a profession. Well the day came and now i am getting more people Schnit-Faced then ever before.

What is a Schnitzel?

Im here to educate and bring the word of the schnitz for those who do not know. A schnitzel is a thinly pounded piece of pork that is than breaded, seasoned and deep fried. Somewhere deep in the schnitz-dimension the process makes it a magical and tasty treat for all to enjoy. Traditionally schnitzel is served with a sliced lemon with a side of potato salad and or sauerkraut. But it is quite well known for those who eat and make schnitzel that it can be made with or into just about anything.The versatility of the schnitzel is what makes it so good to serve. Whether it be made traditionally, in a sandwich or as sliders and horderves the potential of the schnitzel is truly a eaters delight.

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